Riding a bus

Keeping current…or as current as I can these days.

The morning of 1-16-19…yesterday…my THIRD eye opened, again, while laying down in bed, and when it did…still inside or within that chakra space right above the bridge of my nose as per usual…I immediately noticed or felt as if I was riding a local bus.

Yes.  Me.  Public transportation.  Just like back in my high school days but, this time, I was experiencing a current bus ride, as I saw it, within my Third eye and I was quite conscious of what was going on.

In fact, as this scene was playing out, I was talking to myself in the thoughts of my mind.  I just kept saying to myself “I’m going to let this sh^t play out and see where it goes…”  Yep.  This did happen just as I said it.

As the scene or vision went on, I could tell that I was looking out of a window as this bus was rolling past strip malls, gas stations, small homes, etc.  I even saw palm trees too.  Once I saw those, I kinda knew this route had to be here someplace.

Then, suddenly, just like it came outta nowhere…this vision stopped but I didn’t care.  I rather enjoyed the feeling of knowing that this scenario played itself out with me being able to watch it all unfold like I always do.

I look forward to more of this activity…


Sea of Faces

Real quick.  Yesterday.  The morning of 1-13-19, my THIRD eye opened, again, while laying down in bed, and when it did, very briefly, I saw, in succession, a virtual “sea of faces” then this vision stopped.

It was very similar to that scene in the 1998 film What Dreams May Come.  If you have seen this film, then you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Folks the beat goes on…and on.

Was something just there?

Sometimes…well…many times.  In fact, a lotta times, I get the feeling that, when alone, I’m not alone.  Sometimes I get the impression…the feeling…a gut feeling…that there just might be a presence, or THEE presence, of a person or entity…or whatever…in my midst as I am by myself.

When I get that feeling, I’ll sometimes make a sudden turn, in either direction, acting upon what I just felt.  Was something just there?  THAT is the question which immediately pops into my head.  Then comes even more questions accompanying the initial inquiry.

Was something just there?  What the HELL was that?  Did somebody just run right past me without me seeing them?  Hey…is there some sh^t in this room besides me?  WTF?

I know that I am not alone when stating these things.  Many people have documented, said, indicated, felt, etc. others, or what they sense are others, out of the corner of their eyes making that same mad dash or, perhaps, an entity just simply being around.  Simply hanging around.  Yep.  That simple.

I think you get the point.  So, as I type this up, well…I guess I’ll keep my senses heightened.  You never know.  Somebody else could be watching me right now as I’m writing.

Television show?

On the morning of 1-4-19, my THIRD eye opened, again, while laying down in bed, and when it did, very briefly, I figure out that I was viewing some sort of television competition show with judges sitting at a dais or rectangular table.  Then this vision disappeared as fast as it came…

Hmmm.  That was peculiar.  Oh well.  It was probably meant to be that way.  Short but sweet.

Why so long though?

You know something…and I know this will sound silly but…why so long though?  Why is it that Lucid Dreams last so long?  It feels like forever but…it really isn’t.  And does it really matter the length of time?  Hell…I’m no expert.

Listen…what I personally think is hours is really…what?  Maybe a thirty-minute snooze perhaps?  I don’t know but it seems to me that, once they commence and get good…you could be in that thing for a considerable length of time…and conscious the WHOLE entire time!

Then, once it’s over, I get mad as a MOFO because something REAL GOOD is about to go down!  I hate that…but I love it too because it also feels good to “snap” outta whatever dimension this might be.

Nobody wants to feel that they are trapped in a bullsh^t Lucid Dream; however, when it goes on for what feels like a damn eternity…it feels like a fuggin’ trap!  Like being exiled in a place that you cannot get back from.

My ambivalence is palpable in this here submission.  Yes…Shift Happens…but I don’t think I want THAT kinda Shift!  Ya’ dig me?  I thought you would.

If your confused…read this again…then let it sink in.



New Year without fear

As I, me, you, we…so forth and so on…sit here on the verge of another upcoming year…building upon the past, living in the present and hopeful for things in the future…well…I decided, after much consternation, to just simply go forth and let the ethereal be what it is.

Not trying to tame it…just simply letting it be, and myself be, immersed in whatever it is that I have previously experienced…and what I will encounter today, tomorrow…next week after all the festivities of the Holiday Season die down, etc.  Next month and in the months to come.  Hell, for that matter, in the years to come.  I ain’t dead yet dammit.

On the precipice of 2019, more and more, I recommit to exploring, expanding, expounding upon and expediting experiences in posts, of whatever it is I am seeing whenever my Third Eye Chakra does its thing.  I truly mean its thing, mind you, and not MY thing.  IF I ever learn to conquer it…well…it will be OUR thing at that point.

Of course, already being grateful for those whom have read these posts, I look forward to journaling, and continuing to share, with everyone who just happens to be passing by this thing called my blog.  Hey…Shift Happens.  I’m still shifting.

In fact, you can tell, just by reading this piece, that I am still shifting simply by the tenor and tone of this post.  It’s cool.  I grow, you grow…we all grow.  Hopefully.

Ciao 2018.


This morning, 12-26-18, my THIRD eye opened, again, while laying down in bed, and when it did, very briefly, I saw that I was standing upon a balcony looking down at a crowd of people…perhaps about thirty to forty people or so…and they were clapping.  Not at me, of course, but they were clapping and looking UP in my direction.

Didn’t know what to make of this; however, when my THIRD eye chakra went to close, it formed the shape of a “heart” as this vision went away.  That’s right…a heart.  I kid you not.  A heart.

What in the ‘Hallmark card’ was going on?  Only they would think of some corny sh^t as this.

Oh well.  Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly dammit.